Fabricator-Assembler, Metal Products

PHILAB Industries, Inc., is a diversified scientific and research enabler with a newly formed private equity investment arm, focused on creating change in people’s lives through significant innovations not just in the areas of Scientific Product Lines, Design and Consultancy and, Construction but also in the areas of Secured Printing, Genomics, Rail Transport and Telecommunication.

Duties and Responsibilities

1) Fabricates and assembles metal products, such as window sashes, casements, doors, awning frames, shells, cases, and tubular products, such as golf carts or furniture, as specified by work orders, diagrams, and templates, using handtools, power tools, and metalworking machinery: Lays out and marks reference points onto components, using template, rule, square, compass, and scale and assembles components, using fixtures, handtools, and portable power tools, such as grinders, drills, power wrenches, and riveters.

2) Operates machines, such as arbor presses, riveting press, brazing machine, and resistance-welding machines, to complete assembly.

3) May weld components together.

4) May be designated by specialty as Awning-Frame Maker; Metal Screen, Storm Door, And Window Builder; Tubular-Products Fabricator.

Job Description

1) Provides establishment personnel assistance in identifying, evaluating, and resolving human relations and work performance problems within establishment to facilitate communication and improve employee human relations skills and work performance: Talks informally with establishment personnel and attends meetings of managers, supervisors, and work units to facilitate effective interpersonal communication among participants and to ascertain human relations and work related problems that adversely affect employee morale and establishment productivity.

2) Evaluates human relations and work related problems and meets with supervisors and managers to determine effective remediation techniques, such as job skill training or personal intervention, to resolve human relations issues among personnel.

3) Develops and conducts training to instruct establishment managers, supervisors, and workers in human relation skills, such as supervisory skills, conflict resolution skills, interpersonal communication skills, and effective group interaction skills.

4) Schedules individuals for technical job-related skills training to improve individual work performance.

5) May participate in resolving labor relations issues.

6) May assist in screening applicants for establishment training programs.

7) May write employee newsletter.

8) May operate audio-visual equipment to review or to present audio-visual tapes for training program.

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