Company Disclosures

11/14/173Q Report
10/10/17HT Navasero is elected as Director and Chairman of DNA
10/09/17Mr. Cardenas is elected as Director, Ms. Berberabe Resigns as President and CEO of DNA
10/05/17Mr. Raul De Mesa Steps Down as Independent Director
09/08/17Postponement of AGM
08/22/17Material Information/Transactions
08/22/17Notice of Annual or Special Stockholders’ Meeting
08/17/172Q Report
07/17/17List of 100 Top Stockholders
07/17/17Public Ownership Report
06/20/17Jennifer Bantang is appointed CEO of Philab Industries Inc.
06/14/17HT Navasero steps down as Chairman
05/31/17Manual on Corporate Governance
05/25/17Amended Quarterly Report
05/24/17Quarterly Report
05/18/17Philab Chairman Buys 38,600 Shares
05/18/17HTN Buys 10,000 Shares at 6.56
05/15/17Request for extension to file SEC Form 17-Q
05/09/17HTN Buys 16,600 Common Shares at 6.50
05/08/17Philab Executive Chairman Sells 200 Shares
05/08/17Creation of Board Governance Committee (the “consolidated” Nomination and Compensation Committee) and Board Investment Committee
05/08/17Mr. Raul de Mesa Replaces Mr. Villacorta as Independent Director; Ms. Jennifer Bantang Appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Philab
04/21/17Press Release
04/18/17Annual Report
04/17/17List of Top 100 Stockholders
04/12/17Compliance Report on Corporate Governance
04/12/17Request for extension to file SEC Form 17-A
04/12/17Change in Shareholdings of Directors and Principal Officers
04/11/17Public Ownership Report
04/11/17Postponement of Annual Stockholders’ Meeting
04/06/17HTN Sells 1,400,000 Shares at 6.75
04/06/17Philab CEO Buys 1,400,000 Shares at 6.75
04/04/17Amendments to By-Laws
04/04/17Amendments to Amended By-Laws
03/30/17HTN Buys 29,400 at 6.74
03/27/17Philab Executive Chairman Buys 9,600 Shares
03/20/17Plans for MedX
03/20/17HTN Buys 32,000 Shares
03/17/17Acquisition of MedX Pte. Ltd. (Amendment)
03/17/17Acquisition of MedX Pte. Ltd.
03/01/17Darlene Berberabe is Philab’s New CEO
02/28/17HTN Yields CEO Position to Atty. Berberabe But Remains as Chairman
02/13/17Reply to Inquiry of Unusual Price Movement
02/10/17CEO Buys 58,000 ALT Shares
02/09/17SEC Approves ALT Name Change to Philab Holdings, Corp. (DNA)
02/06/17Additional 2 Billion Shares Issued
02/03/172 Billion Shares Issued at Php 0.25 per Share
02/03/17Wai Leong Chan Replaces Eduardo David as Board Director
01/26/17Disclosure on Backdoor Listing
01/26/17Amendments to Articles of Incorporation
01/19/17Alterra Secures 400 Million Peso Loan from Altus Capital Corp.
01/18/17ALT Files Registration Statement at SEC
01/16/17ALT Secures Non-bank Loans
01/16/17ALT Releases Shareholder List
01/16/17Top 100 Stockholders
01/09/17Exequiel Villacorta Jr. is Elected as Chairman for Audit Committee; Darlene Berberabe Joins as Audit Committee Member
12/28/16ALT Board Approves Acquisition of Philab Industries
12/21/16ALT Buys 351,740 Shares of Philab Industries; 2 Billion Shares Issued at Php 0.25
12/21/16ALT Acquires 93.48% of Philab Industries
12/19/16Change in Shareholdings of Directors and Principal Officers
12/16/16BOD Authorizes Loan and Security Agreement with Altus Capital Corp
12/15/16SEC Approves Change in Par Value of Capital Stock to Php 0.25 per Share
12/15/16BOD Authorizes Loan and Security Agreement with Altus Capital Corp
12/14/16Amendments to Articles of Incorporation
12/14/16SEC Approves Change in Company Address

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