PHILAB at the forefront of
Philippine Genomics

The Company’s former Chairman, Mr. Hector Thomas A. Navasero (“Mr. Navasero”) spearheaded the establishment and operations of the Genomic Institute of Asia (GINA), a non-profit research organization that conducts genomic sequencing services currently housed within the IRRI compound in Los Baños, Laguna. GINA is Mr. Navasero’s legacy to the scientific field that ultimately saved the life of his mother, Mrs. Sylvia A. Navasero (“Mrs. Navasero”), from an aggressive form of breast cancer. Mrs. Navasero needed to undergo genomic sequencing to avail of the clinical trial of a treatment that ultimately saved her life.

The Company, through and in partnership with GINA, is one of the first in the Philippines to own and operate a genomic sequencing facility offering full genome sequencing and molecular diagnostics for research and medical purposes. The Company funded all the necessary equipment, personnel and initial operations of GINA. In 2013, GINA launched the first domestic testing of breast cancer mutations, BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, prevalent in Filipino women, the findings of which were used to detect the probability of breast cancer and became a rich databank for breast cancer research on Filipino women and will be useful in future cancer research. Realizing the potential of genomics, with its vast significance in life science research and an increase clinical application, genetic sequencing is geared towards fighting against infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases.