When was Philab established?

Philab Industries, Inc. was established in 1958 at UP Los Baños under the name Philippine Laboratory Furniture and Equipment Company by Mr. Hector C. Navasero. Philab Holdings, Corp. (formerly known as Alterra Capital Partners, Inc.) bought 93.48% of Philab Industries, Inc. in December 2016. Philab Industries is the only subsidiary of its holding company, Philab Holdings, Corp.

How do I find PHILAB on the PSE?

PHILAB Holdings, Corp. is traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “DNA” (formerly known as ALT).

How do I buy DNA shares?

Stocks may be bought through registered brokers trading on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

When was the last shareholders meeting?

The last shareholders meeting was held last October 20, 2016.

What is a Follow On Offering?

An FOO is an issue of stocks by a company that already had their initial public offering. In our case, Philab has applied for approval to conduct its FOO since ALT already had their IPO in 2009. Price range is at 3.25 – 6.75 Php per share as specified in the preliminary prospectus. Final pricing will occur during the offer period.

How can I reach Philab Investor Relations for questions and concerns?

You may contact PHILAB Investor Relations through investorrelations@philab.com or contact our landline number +63 2 542 0190.

How many total outstanding shares does DNA have?

As of March 2017, DNA’s total outstanding shares is 2,062,276,060. But an additional 500,000,000 shares will be issued during the FOO.

What are the details on DNA’s listing date?

DNA was formerly known as ALT, which was listed on the PSE in 2009. ALT’s ticker change to DNA was approved last February 16, 2017.