Our Business

PHILAB has a strong track record of operating in the Life Science Tools and Services industry for almost 58 years, through research and development of equipment and laboratories. Our business involves serving industries in various sectors such as Health care, Pharmaceutical, Education and Research. We secure partnerships with different private and public entities such as GINA and CEIEC. Among its roster of clients include reputable organizations such as DOH, DepEd, DOST and IRRI.

Philab Industries has recently proven its success in introducing In Vitro Diagnostic tools to the Philippine market by winning a contract with DOH to provide 1 million IVD dengue test kits. In an effort to innovate this technology, they developed their own variant called LABit Self-test Kits. This product aims to provide convenience to consumers so they can test themselves for serious health conditions like dengue in the confines of their own homes. We plan to make the LABit Dengue Fever Self-Test Kit available to the public in the second quarter of 2017.

In addition to the objectives of the company, PHILAB aims to become one of the market leaders in Genomics as well. We aim to forge alliances with prestigious hospitals and invest in Next Generation Sequencing Technology to introduce a faster and more efficient approach to genome sequencing.