Cancer Screening Test

Cancer is one of the most common cause of mortality globally and testing for its predisposition has been recognized to be the ideal means of disease management. This test allows the patient and doctor to determine the predisposition to cancer development and its proper management. The Cancer Screening Test covers more than 90 genes responsible for the predisposition to the most common type of cancer such as colon, lung, and breast. The test also includes screening for predisposition to rare cancers like kidney and bladder.

Cardiovascular Diseases Screening Test

Cardiovascular diseases is one of the leading cause of death worldwide aside from cancer. Screening for predisposition to development of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, heart ailment, etc.) is being offered by PHILAB Genetics to determine if the condition is heritable or not. The cardiovascular diseases screening test covers 17 inherited cardiac conditions including cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias, and aortropathies.