Philab Boss Mixes Sports with Medical Science

MANILA – Philab’s Thomas Navasero harnesses the power of science to help cure disease, but jokes that he will not hesitate to use it as well to clone the perfect boss.

The CEO and health buff takes inspiration from his late father, Philab founder Hector C. Navasero, who also served as president of the Philippine Amateur Baseball Association.

“A boss is a person that directs a ship or leads the team,” Navasero said.

“But we must ensure we embrace each and every employee’s talents. And improve those talents if you can,” he added.

When the baseball guild was under the elder Navasero, the Philippines’ world baseball ranking rose to as high as 22 among 44 countries.

Navasero said his work at Philab is also inspired by his mother, Sylvia, a cancer survivor who is also the firm’s treasurer.

Source: ABS-CBN News