PHILAB Holdings, Corp. is the holding company of one of the pioneer Philippine companies focused on life science equipment and services. PHILAB Industries, a 93% owned subsidiary, was started in 1958 by Hector C. Navasero to provide industry and education with life science equipment and services. It is led today by his son, Hector Thomas A. Navasero, who took over its leadership in 2013.


PHILAB is a pioneer and market leader in the healthcare and education market that has enjoyed consistent profitability since 1959. By identifying growth opportunities among its current clients and forming strategic outsourcing partnerships, PHILAB has accelerated its ability to competitively bid and win larger contracts.


Through the 57 years of its operating history, PHILAB has continually evolved to fulfill its mission of creating change in people’s lives through significant innovations in scientific product lines, laboratory design and construction and manufacturing.


The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction and management of the Company. The Board reviews the results of operations and the Company’s financial position on a monthly basis.