PHILAB Holdings, Corp. is the holding company of one of the pioneer Philippine companies focused on life science equipment and services. PHILAB Industries, a 93% owned subsidiary, was started in 1958 by Hector C. Navasero to provide industry and education with life science equipment and services. It is led today by Chairman & CEO,Hector Thomas A. Navasero.

PHILAB has a leading position in supplying life science equipment to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, education and research industries, which it built over the past 58 years. It has designed and built numerous laboratories for schools and research facilities and provided science teaching tools to public and private educational institutions. It is present in the In Vitro Diagnostics market today with its LABit series of portable self-test kit for Dengue fever.

PHILAB Holdings, Corp. is traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol: DNA. It will continue to innovate scientific and medical tools and invest in new business ventures to strengthen brand equity and diversify its portfolio of assets by tapping the emerging industry of Genomics and healthcare facilities.

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