Creating Change for Individuals, Institutions and a Nation for nearly 60 years

Through the 58 years of its operating history, PHILAB has continually evolved to fulfill its mission of creating change in people’s lives through significant innovations in scientific product lines, laboratory design and construction and manufacturing.

PHILAB’s business started in 1959, when the late Hector C. Navasero, the Company’s founder, established the Research Laboratory Supply House, which was renamed as Philippine Laboratory Furniture & Equipment Co. and later, as HC Navasero Laboratory Furniture & Equipment. Since the business’ inception until its formal incorporation in 1980, the Company has gained the reputation of being one of the country’s foremost providers of laboratory equipment and the oldest business institution servicing the fields of medical and scientific research in the Philippines.

The Company’s first clients include the renowned International Rice Research Institute (“IRRI”) and University of the Philippines Los Baños Biotech institution. Since then, PHILAB has designed, built and equipped laboratories across a diverse range of industry sectors in the Philippines such as, but not limited to, medical, scientific, academic, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, mining and petroleum with specialized focus on healthcare, research and education sectors.

Breakthrough Achievements

Hector C. Navasero

1965 Completed the first research and educational laboratories of UP Los Baños

1977 Completed and equipped the research labs of the IRRI at Los Baños Laguna

1981 Completed the installation of the research labs of the premier research institution of the Department of Health, the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)

1983 Completed the labs of the premier agricultural research facility for biotechnology at BIOTECH Los Baños, Laguna

1987 Completed the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project to supply and deliver various advance scientific and industrial instruments to the Department of Science & Technology (DOST)
Supplied the first fully automated Du Pont ACA clinical chemistry analyser at Sim Clinical Laboratory

1988 First to distribute HIV/STD test kits in the country through its subsidiary Royal School Laboratory

1993 Completed the first clinical research laboratories of the National Kidney Institute (NKI) & Philippine Heart Centre

1997 Completed the first clinical research laboratory of St Luke’s Medical Centre

Hector Thomas A. Navasero
& the Current Leadership Team

2012 First installation of an Auger Electron Spectrometer in the country for nano-technology and advance material science research for the DOST

Established Genomic Institute of Asia (GINA), the Philippines’s 1st privately owned next generation sequencing, and molecular diagnostics testing facility

Adapting World-Class Innovations for Life Changing 21st Century Opportunities
In 2013, the mantle of leadership was passed on as Thomas Navasero acquired control of the company from his father. Anticipating the value of bringing advances in life sciences and adapting them to the Philippine environment, the Company has built around its core heritage of science & technical supplies and services.

Horizontal Integration Around Core Expertise


The Company has since transitioned into a horizontally integrated operation to fully address its clients’ needs in medicine, science, research & education. It has local expertise & experience in six key strategic platforms namely:

    The core business of general lab, microscopy & packaging supplies.
    Specialized supplies and services for medical, pharmaceutical, educational and clinical applications including chemical analysis and diagnostics products.
    The company’s construction and manufacturing arm providing a turn-key solution for engineering, planning, design & development of scientific, medical and lab facilities.
    Certification & Compliance services for industry, regulatory and customer specific needs.
    Advancing the research of genomics & genome sequencing in the Philippines through the Genomics Institute of Asia (“GINA”); and forwarding adoption of genetic screening, molecular diagnostics and genomic sequencing services for medical cases.; and
    Strategic investments in high-potential innovation domains including Genomics.

PHILAB is deeply committed to successfully pursue growth in the arena of adapting genomics specifically for the Philippine market. The Company’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hector Thomas A. Navasero spearheaded the establishment and operations of GINA, a non-profit research organization that conducts genomic sequencing services currently housed within the IRRI compound in Los Baños, Laguna. GINA is Mr. Navasero’s legacy to the scientific field that ultimately saved the life of his mother, Mrs. Sylvia A. Navasero, from an aggressive form of breast cancer. Mrs. Navasero needed to undergo genomic sequencing to avail of the clinical trial of a treatment that ultimately saved her life.

The Company, through and in partnership with GINA, is one of the first in the Philippines to own and operate a genomic sequencing facility offering full genome sequencing and molecular diagnostics for research and medical purposes. The Company funded all the necessary equipment, personnel and initial operations of GINA. GINA successfully conducted full genome sequencing of different varieties of rice for IRRI and Philippine Rice Institute. In 2013, GINA launched the first domestic testing of breast cancer mutations, BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, prevalent in Filipino women.

Next generation genomic sequencing is a massively parallel sequencing technology capable of generating data on full genome sequence with high accuracy. The technology is presently being used by different research facilities across the globe. In the Philippines, GINA is one of only three facilities to own and fully operate a genomic sequencing facility. In fact, GINA is also the first non-government, non-profit service facility in the country to offer sequencing services at an affordable price through the partnership with The Medical City group.

Integrated Point of Care Testing (POCT) technologies is the other main new product development focus. LabIT rapid self-test diagnostic kits; others are part of the PHILAB + Innovation portfolio.

2013 First contracted to supply and deliver various scientific and educational equipment to 544 schools for the Department of Education (DepEd)

PHILAB started OEM equipment manufacturing under iClave, iBSC, iFH, iOven brands.

2014 Completed the first Filipino whole genome sequence and first to launch BRCA1 and BRCA 2 cancer detection testing

Q1 2016 Awarded contracts to supply 34,000 elementary schools with equipment by DepEd

Contracted to build and equip the country’s largest medical facility National Institutes of Health (NIH) of UP Manila

Launch of new LabIT diagnostic self-test kits for Dengue and 17 other applications for the DOH and eventually the B2C segments