Philab Holdings Corp. (formerly Alterra Capital Partners, Inc.) (the “Company”) is the holding company for Philab Industries, Inc. (“Philab”), which the Company believes is one of the Philippines’ leading providers of life science equipment and services to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, education and research industries. Over the course of nearly 60 years, Philab has supplied laboratory equipment, furniture, and supplies for medical and scientific research to both private and public institutions. More recently, Philab has begun to expand its business to include the distribution of in-vitro diagnostics (“IVD”) test kits, as well as exploration of other areas of potential growth such as genomics.

Life Sciences Tools include a wide range of laboratory equipment and supplies for medical and scientific research and analysis such as, but not limited to, microscopes, autoclaves, reagents, and recently, learning materials. Life Sciences Services include the installation, maintenance, repair, upgrade or removal of laboratory equipment and supplies. With the aim of establishing itself as a market leader in the Life Sciences Tools and Services industry, Philab forged a relationship with CEIEC, a China-based government-owned foreign trade oriented company dealing with the import and export of various educational equipment. Such partnership commenced on July 20, 2015 when Philab entered into its first contract with CEIEC for the supply of Life Sciences Tools.

In 2016, Philab expanded its operations to the IVD industry by supplying IVD test kits produced by ASAN, a Korean-based company.  In general, IVD tools refer to medical devices and accessories being used to perform tests on samples (i.e. human blood, saliva and urine) for the diagnosis of communicable and non-communicable diseases. The Company believes that Philab is the first company in the country to supply the Department of Health (“DOH”) with IVD test kits that can detect whether an individual has been infected with the dengue virus. The test kits supplied to the DOH, which the latter distributed in various clinics and hospitals, requires the intervention of a medical practitioner to facilitate the conduct of such test.   Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience it has gained from its recent product expansion, Philab has developed its LabIt Dengue Fever Self-test Kit using existing Lateral Flow Immunoassay Technologies, which specifically allows the users to conveniently do a self-test in one’s own home. Although this tool is not designed to be curative, it is designed to preliminarily determine if one is suffering from dengue fever, subject to a confirmatory test and further analysis by a licensed medical practitioner. Philab began offering online sales of its LabIt Dengue Fever Self-test Kit in late March 2017 through e-commerce website Lazada, with full commercial launch through certain retail stores expected by the third quarter of 2017.

Philab is exploring other areas of potential growth in emerging markets healthcare services, including the Genomics industry. Genomics refers to the study of function and structure of genomes or the genetic material of an organism. Philab plans to acquire two genomics sequencing machines (NovaSeq6000) from market leader Illumina for the purpose of conducting Next Generation Sequencing, a relatively inexpensive medical test that can identify changes in genes that may lead, or have already led, to the development of cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, among others. This follows from the knowledge and experience acquired through Philab’s funding of and relationship with the Genomics Institute of Asia (“GINA”), a non-profit research corporation created in 2012 by Philab’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Navasero, with the primary purpose to provide and support genomic research including genomic sequencing, bioinformatics, and other services that relate to the branches of natural sciences dealing with the structure and behavior of living organisms. GINA was the Philippines’ first privately-owned facility to offer whole genome sequencing and molecular diagnostic services. Philab provided the necessary manpower, office space, equipment, utilities and supplies for GINA’s research and development in genome sequencing.